We stock a small range of 1075 high carbon steel for bladesmithing or stock removal. The steel works well under the hammer and has minimal movement in heat treatment. The steel is annealed ready for filing or grinding. This is not precision ground stock (hence the good price) so they may be slight warpage which is easily hammered or bent out.

Price is quotes per metre and will be worked out pro rata. Currently the maximum lengths of the steel is 1.6m because of the original sheet size. Cutting to length is no charge. Postage/freight extra so please let us know where you are when you order. 

Order by email or phone. Payment by direct deposit, cheque, Paypal or cash (pickup only). Send you delevery details when you place your order. There is a 3% surcharge to cover fees for Paypal.

For composition and heat treating information see Properties of Carbon Steel



Grade  Size mm     kg per metre $ per metre   
1075 20 x 2.5 .4 $24  
  20 x 3.4 .5 $26  
  20 x 4.4 .7 $32  
  20 x 5.4 .8 $37  
  25 x 2.5 .5 $28  
  30 x 3.4 .8 $37  
  30 x 4.4 1 $42  
  30 x 5.4 1.3 $52  
  38 x 6.0 1.8 $75  
  40 x 3.4 1.1 $47  
  40 x 4.4 1.4 $58  
  40 x 5.4 1.7 $69  
  50 x 3.4 1.3 $58  
  50 x 4.4 1.7 $69  
  50 x 5.4 2.1 $85  



The  most cost effective postage is to use 3kg Postbags from Australia Post. They are a flate rate of $14 to anywhere in Australia. Maximum length of the steel is only 40cm. Use the weights above as a guide for how much can fit in the bag.

There is also a 5kg bag for $18 which holds up to 55cm. We dom post other sizes where it is cheaper. Contact us for a quote for other sizes.



With 0.75% Carbon. Produces a hard blade (depending on heat treatment) and shows the hamon line. Perfect for Japanese style blades.

Carbon: 0.65 to 0.75
Manganese : 0.60 to 0.90

Wear Resistance: Medium
Toughness: high to medium depending on the carbon content
Red Hardness: very low
Distortion in heat treating: very low
Forging: Start at 950 to 1010C
Austenite forging: Yes
Hardening: 790 to 840C
Quench: Oil
Tempering: 150 to 260C
RC Hardness: 62 to 55, depending upon carbon content