Dean was hooked on Tharwa Valley Forge from the very first moment he took a course here. He went from helping tidy up and setup classes in exchange for workshop time to making his own blades. One day six years ago, Karim challenged Dean to make two razors - something Dean had never tried before. Using Karim's knowledge and conducting his own research, Dean designed and made two razors using Damascus Steel and Buffalo Horn.

Dean saw that no-one else was making razors in Australia; although many knifemakers try making razors at least once, no one was doing it with any regularity. He decided to challenge himself to learn all he could about razor making, and has since become the largest razor maker in Australia. He now makes handmade custom designed razors in both traditional Japanese and Western styles.

As his reputation began to spread by word of mouth, Dean was sought out by clients seeking restoration of their heirloom razors. He is frequently called upon by clients from around the world to restore cut throat razors that have been passed down through generations. His unique skill set combined with the top of the line equipment at Tharwa Valley Forge ensures that his restorations are second to none.

Dean has taught over 40 Razor Making Courses so far at Tharwa Valley Forge and says that he finds people who attend his razor making course have two main concerns: "how do I keep my razor sharp?", and "how do I use a razor without cutting myself?" Because of this, Dean's courses not only cover the practical elements of razor making, but also cover the correct use and maintenance of razors, including exploration of elements of razor design such as edge geometry and symetrical versus asymmetrical hollow ground blades.

Being an expert on making razor sharp edges, Dean also teaches our highly-regarded Sharpening Classes.

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