Sometimes a little knowledge makes a job so much easier. Here you'll find little ideas that we've picked up along the way that make things easier. Send us your favourite hints and we'll put them up so others can benefit from them.

Get a Grip

Fixing handles on knives can be a challenge. This simple modification to a standard Quick-Grip makes it much easier to get nice tight glue-ups of you handle. Remove the yellow pad and cut a vertical slot 4mm in one end of the Quick-Grip. You can then put the yellow pad back on an use it as a normal grip or remove it and use it for you handles.

To use glue your handle and place the blade in the slot. Gently squeeze the handle. Before final tightening check alignment of the layers, then tighten it up.

For best results make sure each layer in the handle is flat and do a dry run to check the joins before gluing.

Rare earth magnets

One of the most useful addition to any workshop are some small rare earth magnets. These are incredibly strong for their size and can be used to keep small tools and accessories within easy reach. They come in a wide variety of sizes, but don't go too big or you will get stuck. Avoid heat with them as they lose their magnetism when heated. You can get them on ebay by searching for "rare earth magnets".

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