Adding a disc sander to the Radiusmaster adds a whole new set of abilities to an awesome machine. This is an after market mod or hack that is especially valuable with a variable speed motor. It also saves having another machine in the shop.

The disc is machined out of a 200mm round piece of aluminium. I had a 1 degree taper put on the disc so you can grind past the middle with a long blade and not have it flick back at you. It still grinds flat and is much safer than a flat disc. The radiusmaster can spin the disc in either the vertical or the horizontal position.

You do need to remove the wheel guard to install and use the disc. I recommend not having the belt on when using the disc, to minimise chances of getting hit by the belt or caught by it. It also runs very quiet without the belt. Be aware of the operating the machine with the guard on the main wheel.

Grinding large flat kitchen blades is very easy with the disc, you can even do bevels with it. The circular scratches come out with the regular platen. Great for grinding tapered tangs.

You can get a disc from M & G Industrial in Canberra. You will need to send in your main drive wheel to have a step cut into the casting so the disc doesn't vibrate. They'll make a disc and send it back with your wheel and a new bolt to attach to the motor.

They also do very good prices on a velcro converter disc and sanding discs.

Contact Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 02 6280 7517 and he will help you out.

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