Learn how to make an axe that excels at bushcraft and woodcraft tasks. On this one-day course you’ll forge a high-quality Canadian Camp Axe while learning the theory and practice of designing and making bush axes.

You’ll go home with a superb axe that can be used for cutting, chopping, splitting, felling, hewing, or hammering. Best of all, you’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to go on and make your own general purpose bush axes.

This course covers:

  • axe theory and design
  • marking out billets for axe heads
  • punching and drifting, solo and with a striker
  • shaping an axe head using top tools
  • heat treatment of axe heads
  • grinding and profiling axe heads
  • handle design and fitting
  • sharpening axe heads

The resultant axe will look fantastic and perform superbly. It will have a head in the 1kg class and a handle approximately 400mm long.

Class size of four people, suitable for ages 16+. Make sure you wear workshop clothes and tie long hair back. BYO Lunch; tea, coffee and light refreshments provided. Cost includes all materials, instruction, workshop use, and insurance.

Course Dates

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