This course will show you how to use Kydex to make two basic styles of sheath and makes an excellent add-on for our one or two day knife courses. Kydex is an easy-to-form thermoplastic that molds tightly using minimal equipment and provides excellent protection and retention. Bring two of your favorite knives and walk away with two sheaths and the knowledge of how to make more at home.


Kydex is an incredibly versatile material and is ideally suited to making sheaths for knives. It is relatively cheap, comes in an enormous range of colors and patterns, is incredibly durable, and requires only a minimal investment in equipment to work with.

Knife in Kydex sheathThis evening class runs from 6pm until 10pm, and covers the following:

  • Properties of Kydex
  • Sheath design fundamentals
  • Production of a two-layer 'pancake' style sheath
  • Production of a one-layer 'taco' style sheath
  • Production of belt mounting hardware

Cost - $200 (incl GST)
Cost includes Kydex, hardware, equipment use, instruction and two sheathes

Course Dates

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