This course focuses on learning the basics of leather sheath making by getting hands-on experience making a wet-moulded leather sheath for your own knife. The sheath is moulded to the exact shape of the knife and as it dries shrinks, providing a tight fit. One sheath will be made in the evening and you'll learn a wide range of leatherwork skills applicable both to sheath making as well as leatherwork in general.

First, different styles of sheath will be discussed along with a range of leatherwork techniques including embellishment, stitching, and finishing techniques - as well as basic leather care. Next, you'll choose the pattern for your sheath then cut out and prepare the leather.

Once you've finished the first round of sewing and the belt loops are attached, the sheath is wet moulded and shaped over the knife before being stitched up. The leather is then dyed, sealed and waxed to finish.

This evening class runs from 6pm until 10pm - Please bring the knife you want to make the sheath for

Cost - $200 (incl GST)
Cost includes leather, dyes, equipment use and instruction to make a custom moulded leather sheath.
Booking in advance is essential - very limited places

Course Dates

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