Blacksmithing is an essental part of the Tharwa Valley Forge. We have a well equipped smithy with anvils, forges, hammers, tongs, power hammers, presses and piles of rusty metal. We have a range of courses available to help people hammer hot metal. If you have no experience the Introduction to Blacksmithing or the Blacksmithing Foundations will help you get some. Some of the courses require prior experience working with hot metal.

Junior Blacksmithing

This is a very special one day holiday class for young people (12 - 16 years old) interested in Blacksmithing. It is hard work and you need to be able to follow instructions and concentrate for the day. But it is very rewarding to learn new and exciting skills to make things and bring your creations home.

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Blacksmithing Foundations

Want to get started in blacksmithing but not sure where to begin? This week long intensive helps you build your skills as you build your own tools. Learn to make your own hammers and tongs as well as other useful tools. You get to take all the tools you make home with you as well as a gas forge so you can start making.

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Tong making

It is hard to hold hot metal with your bare hands. That is why tongs are an important part of any blacksmith's toolkit. This one day course will cover tong construction techniques as you make three pairs for your tool kit.

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Hammer making

The Hammer is the Smith's number one tool, used in almost every aspect of the craft. This one day course will cover hammer making techniques as you make three hammer heads and learn to handle them.

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