This one day intensive course is for people wanting to further develop their grinding skills. The course will be using the Radius Master 48" grinders and 48" Noob grinder. It will cover shaping and profiling, edge geometry, blade grinds - hollow, convex, flat, chisel and scandi, as well as heat treatment of carbon steels. We'll also look at finishing with belts.

Grinding takes a steady hand, a few tips and plenty of practice. This course will give you the latter two, you'll need to bring the first one.

Participants will be supplied 8 annealed blade blanks to practice on. You will clean the profile, set the bevels and grind the edges down for heat treatment. Some of the blades will be heat treated during the day. Then we will look at post heat treatment grinding, and how to keep the edge cool. You will take away blades ready for hand finishing and handling.

  • Cost $500 per person
  • Course goes from 8am until 5pm
  • Includes blade steel, belts, equipment, safety gear.
  • Please bring lunch.