This one day course introduces the concept of forge welding cable to create patterns in the steel.  This not only makes attractive blades, but also a very tough, flexible blade that keeps a great edge. The finished blade is then etched in acid to bring out the patterns of the different parts of the cable - often with dramatic results. This process is called called cable damascus.

Making cable damascus is a good way to learn about forge welding. Effective patterns can be easily achieved without using machines or heavy hand work. The patterns are attractive and unique.

The course will cover material selection, forge welding, blade forging and etching. Hardening and tempering of the blades will also be covered. You will make two billets each which will be forged into knives.

Cost - $500 (incl GST)
Cost includes: Tuition, insurance, materials, use of tools, workshop consumables, safety gear, morning and afternoon tea, photo disk.
Need to bring: Lunch, appropriate clothing and covered footwear
Booking in advance is essential