Using a flypress to create fullers in a hammerBlacksmithing is an essential part of the Tharwa Valley Forge. We have a well equipped smithy with anvils, forges, hammers, tongs, power hammers, presses and piles of rusty metal. We have a range of courses available to help people hammer hot metal. If you have no experience the Introduction to Blacksmithing or the Blacksmithing Foundations will help you get some.



Become a blacksmith in just one week. Learn everything you need to know and make all the equipment you need to start blacksmithing at home. This week long intensive helps you build your skills as you build your own tools. At the end of the course you'll leave with a gas forge and all the tools and skills you need to start blacksmithing at home.

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A lot of people want to get into blacksmithing - only a very small percentage are successful learning on their own.

Learn more in a day than you would spending a year or two floundering around by yourself. Build muscle memory so you know that you’re hitting right. Get an idea of how metal behaves when different processes are applied.

This course will teach you the essential blacksmithing skills you need to successfully learn by yourself at home.

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Our society is becoming evermore illeterate with their hands. Because of this, this one day introduction to Blacksmithing for younger people is one of our most important courses.

Experience the excitement of moving hot metal with hammers and other tools. A great way to get started on your blacksmithing journey.

This clas is an empowering experience that will connect you with your hands kickstart creative skills that are applicable to all areas oflife. This is an especially good course for younger people interested in blacksmithing or metalwork - you'll have enough skills at the end of the day to start on small projects at home.

This challenging class is designed for 12 - 16 year olds.

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Our Family Blacksmithing courses are a popular way for families to unplug from the digital world and spend quality time together. Experience the excitement of the traditional art of Blacksmithing and reconnect with the joy of making something with your own hands.

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