Damascus Steel

Micropatterned Damascus kitchen knifeDamascus Steel is surrounded by a significant amount of history and mythology. The original Damascus Steel dates from the 3rd Century CE and was made from Wootz Steel, and Modern Damascus Steel is more accurately called pattern welded steel. Although contemporary metallurgy produces alloys that exceed the strength of historical Damascus Steel, nothing matches it in terms of beauty.

Tharwa Valley Forge offers you the opportunity to learn how to create your own pattern welded Damascus Steel in our fully equipped workshop with the assistance of our expert instructors.



Six kitchen knives made from Damascus Steel

All the knowledge and skills you need to make a variety of Damascus pattern welded steel at home. You'll develop more ability in one week than you would in a year or two on your own.

Learn the theory and practice of making Damascus steel, and most importantly, spend a week hands-on developing practical skills and learning the small details that make the difference between success and failure.

Learning in our professional workshop using our very large power hammers and industrial hydraulic presses mean quicker results with less sweat. This lets our instructors focus on knowledge and technique, meaning you learn faster and develop the skills you need to make a wider variety of Damascus patterns.

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A single kitchen knife made from damascus steel

Make your own Pattern Welded or Damascus steel and turn it into two amazing kitchen knives of your own design. Learn how to weld, fold and pattern beautiful and unique steel. Gain experience using a hydraulic power press, power hammer and rolling mill to make welds and draw down billets.

An invaluable experience whether you want to learn how to make your own Damascus Steel or simply make two beautiful Damascus Steel knives.

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Closeup of a kitchen knife made from damascus steel

Forge your own one meter length of Damascus Steel. During this one day course you will learn the history and theory of pattern welded (aka Damascus) steel, as well as create your own billet using our hydraulic presses, power hammers, and hand tools. A very popular course to do before one of knife making courses so you can then use the billet to make your own Damascus knives.

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