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Damascus Foundations

Six kitchen knives made from Damascus Steel

All the knowledge and skills you need to make a variety of Damascus pattern welded steel at home. You'll develop more ability in one week than you would in a year or two on your own.

Learn the theory and practice of making Damascus steel, and most importantly, spend a week hands-on developing practical skills and learning the small details that make the difference between success and failure.

Learning in our professional workshop using our very large power hammers and industrial hydraulic presses mean quicker results with less sweat. This lets our instructors focus on knowledge and technique, meaning you learn faster and develop the skills you need to make a wider variety of Damascus patterns.

Details Dates
Event Start Time Finish Time Price Capacity Registered Available Register
Damascus Foundations 8:00 am
Mon 07-12-2020
5:00 pm
Fri 11-12-2020
$3,000 4 0 4

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