Man drawing and aiming an English LongbowMake English Longbows and more under the guidance of visiting experts.

Courses vary depending on the availability of experts, and have included Viking knives, hand axes, and shields. These courses have ranged from one day through to a week long residential course in a mock Viking Camp.



Learn the art of bowyery and experience the joy of crafting primal wooden bows that compete with modern fibreglass productions. This course will give you everything you need to take up archery and the pride of having made it all yourself.

Our Longbow Courses are taught by Dave Clarke, who has been coaxing bows from saplings, trees and lumber since he was 14. Dave has worked as a semi-professional bowyer and creates commissioned pieces. His bows have been sent as far as Townsville to Hobart, and Perth to Sydney. Dave's teachings are influenced by the acclaimed bowyers Adrian Elliot Hodgkins, Tim Baker and Jim Hamm, and his Longbow Course is based on his own original research that has rediscovered the secrets of the Longbow and codified it in formula and design rubrics.

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Vikings landing a boatthing /θɪŋ/ noun

(Old Norse) ▶ An assembly or meeting of the free men and women of a country, province or a clan. At the thing, disputes were solved and political decisions were made. The place for the thing was also the place for rites and for commerce.

(Tharwa Valley Forge) ▶ A five-day Viking festival of making and feasting. Forge your own knives, helmet, axe, shield and other Viking tools. All-inclusive price covers food, classes, and camping in luxury Viking-themed tents.

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