The Thing

Vikings landing a boat

thing /θɪŋ/ noun

(Old Norse) ▶ An assembly or meeting of the free men and women of a country, province or a clan. At the thing, disputes were solved and political decisions were made. The place for the thing was also the place for rites and for commerce.

(Tharwa Valley Forge) ▶ A five-day Viking festival of making and feasting. Forge your own knives, helmet, axe, shield and other Viking tools. All-inclusive price covers food, classes, and camping in luxury Viking-themed tents.

This five-day experience at Cuppacumbalong Homestead runs from Friday morning to Tuesday afternoon. Our experts will guide you through a smorgasboard of blacksmithing, toolmaking, and woodwork.

Over the course of almost a week, you'll forge your own Viking knives, helmet, axe, shield and other Viking tools. Classes will operate in a round-robin fashion to facilitate small class sizes. Although this is a big event, we are taking great pains to make sure you enjoy full-access to our instructors and the high quality we are renowned for.

At the end of each massive day you'll collapse into bed (yes, a bed) in one of our four-person luxury tents. Decked-out to suit the tastes of the discerning ravager and raider, these tents are 6 meters in diameter and four meters high. Communal activities are a feature of The Thing, culminating in a feast on the last night.

All-inclusive price covers all meals, refreshments, classes, and camping in luxury Viking-themed tents. Toilets and showers are onsite.

Minimum deposit of $500.

Enquiries via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Properties

Start Time 8:00 am
Fri 19-04-2019
Finish Time 5:00 pm
Tue 23-04-2019
Capacity 16
Available 3
Price $3,000
21 Naas Rd, Tharwa ACT 2620, Australia

Venue Information - Cuppacumbalong


3,000 $ 3

Location Map

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