Kamisori razor by Dean JardTaught by Dean Jard, one of Australia's premier razor makers, our Razor Making classes are ideal for anyone who never wants to pay for razor blades again. Many people find traditional razors intimidating to use because of the sharpness of the blade. In addition to helping you make the razors, we demystify the use of razors and teach you how to care and maintain them - ensuring that the razors you make will be the last razors you ever need.



Traditional Japanese straight razors, Kamisori, have been used for centuries to provide an outstanding shave. Their off-set hollow ground blade make a very keen edge. This one day course takes you theough the process of making two kamisori as well as cases and a strop.

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Make the last razor you will ever use - a razor that if properly cared for will be handed down across generations. There's a reason people still go to the barber for a Straight Razor shave. Disposable razors are convenient, but the results can't compare to a Straight Razor. Also known as a "Cut Throat", a Straight Razor will virtually melt the hair off your face. Despite its keen edge, a Straight Razor is just as safe as a disposable razor when used with correct technique.

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