Japanese Saya Wooden SheathLearn to make knife and tool sheathes in a variety of traditional and contemporary materials and styles. Everything from introductory level courses through to enough instruction to start your own business.



This course is ideal for anyone who wants to make Kydex sheaths and holsters at home, whether for their own equipment or to sell to others. Bring two of your favourite knives and walk away with two sheaths, another small project of your own choosing, and the knowledge of how make a wide variety of other Kydex projects as well as how to make your own Kydex manufacturing equipment.

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This course will show you how to make Japanese Saya sheathes. The Saya is a wooden sheath that is custom-fitted to your knife and provides excellent protection during transport and storage. Bring two of your favorite kitchen knives and walk away with two custom-fitted Saya sheaths and the knowledge of how to make more at home.

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