Iron rose on an anvilLearn how to coax steel into organic shapes on this one-day course. Our experienced instructors will introduce you to using fullers and hammers to form organic shapes, culminating in the creation of a spectacular iron rose. This course is ideal for both absolute beginners looking to try blacksmithing and blacksmiths who are seeking to broaden their repertoire under the guidance of an expert.



This is an accessible course that has something for everyone, no matter their experience level. If you are a blacksmith or bladesmith, this course will enhance your existing skills and provide you with new creative abilities; if you have no blacksmithing experience whatsoever, you will have an absolute blast making something amazing under the guidance of an expert.

This course is also great for creatives of any stripe who are seeking to interrogate their design thinking through a novel creative experience.

Using hammers and fullers, you will learn to move hot metal and form organic shapes such as petals, stems, leaves and branches. The day culminates in the creation of a decorative iron rose that makes a stunning conversation piece in any home.

Course cost  includes all materials, workshop access, instruction.

Course Dates

Decorative Blacksmithing Introduction

Event Start Time Finish Time Price Capacity Registered Available Register
Decorative Blacksmithing Introduction 8:00 am
Sat 04-05-2024
5:00 pm
Sat 04-05-2024
$550 4 2 2

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