The message to everyone is very clear: Stay at home.

In line with Government advice, we are postponing course delivery on a rolling basis.

Students on all courses up until the present date have been transferred to a course date later in the year.

Our plan is to transfer people whose courses are affected by social distancing restrictions to courses later in the year. We’ll be doing this on a rolling basis and will always give at least two weeks notice.

We are still taking enrollments, so if you’d like to lock in a place on a course you can check what’s available here.

All valid gift certificates have been extended by 6 months.

We want you to know that everyone who has booked a course will get to do that course. Our business is resilient and we’re set to resume teaching on the other side of this.

In the meantime, we are keeping our ten full-time staff employed. They are making production cutlery at home or onsite in line with social distancing rules. By making and selling beautiful handmade cutlery we’re making an investment in our people and their skills.

This means that we’ll be opening our order books for custom work. We’ll be making an announcement about this over the next few days.

There’s no way we could keep our people employed if it weren’t for the kindness and understanding we’ve experienced so far.

On behalf of everyone at Tharwa Valley Forge, thank you so much.



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