We make knives to order. Blades are either high carbon or damascus steel, we don't work with stainless steel. There is a wide selection of Australian hardwoods to choose for handles, or alternate materials on request.

We'll usually send through a progress pictures to keep you up to date.

There is normally a waiting list, so please don't ring up in a rush, to be fair on those ahead in the line. This also avoids disappointment when we can't make them in time. It may be quicker to enroll on a course and make it yourself (depending on the knife you want and your skills).

Pricing is worked out by time required to make it, the difficulty of the request and materials used. As a rough guide smaller knives start around $200, larger knives from $300. Damascus steel costs more, about $10 per cm of blade. 

We also do custom boxes that can be engraved with messages for gifts.

See our Instagram feed at the bottom of the page for some of our recent knives.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can see how we can help.