There are four workshops at the Tharwa Valley Forge. The first is the forge area - a 6 x 10 metre colourbond shed. This houses three forges (coke, gas and induction), five anvils, two swage blocks, a 25 ton Hydraulic press, 25 Kg Anyang power hammer, a McDonald rolling mill, a 6 ton flypress, drill, welding equipment, metal bandsaw, two leg vices, two grinders and a lot of steel.

The second is the grinding room a 6 x 6 metre room with heated floors. It has four workbenches, three Radiusmaster linishers a Noob grinder and a Select-a-rad linisher, a buffer, Waldown Drill press, wood and metal bandsaw, Taylor and Hobson Pantograph.

The third machine room has a Laguna IQ CNC router, Deckel FP2 Universal mill, Bridgeport/Hauser Mill, Deckel KF12 3D Pantograph, Seig C4 Lathe, Waldown high speed drill press and timber store.

The last room is the clean room for training and leather work. 

We like visitors but please contact us before coming out.


The Forge

The Grinding Room

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