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Tharwa Valley Forge
We have been teaching people how to create amazing things since 2003
Each year we run over 100 courses and are the largest school of our type in the world. Our award-winning instructors are among the best in Australia and our 10 acre campus ensures an incomparable experience.

Featured Courses

Sat 08-08-2020 8:00 am -4:00 pm

Imagine your own custom leather apron made from heavy duty, premium leather. It fits you perfectly and has the right pockets, for the right tools, in the right places. That’s what this course is all about.

Learn how to make leather aprons by making your very own custom apron on this one day course.

These leather workshop aprons are tough. They are ideal for blacksmiths, bladesmiths, woodworkers, or anyone who spends time in a workshop, studio or garage.

Suitable for adults and children age 12+

Fri 28-08-2020 7:00 pm - Sun 30-08-2020 6:00 pm

Weekend introduction to making a slip joint folder. Covering design grinding, spring mechanisms, heat treating and sharpening of two folding knives.

Wed 30-09-2020 9:00 am -4:30 pm

One day introduction to Blacksmithing for younger people. This challenging class is for 12 - 16 year olds. Experience the excitement of moving hot metal with hammers and other tools. A great way to get started on your blacksmithing journey.

Fri 02-10-2020 8:00 am - Tue 06-10-2020 5:00 pm

A five-day Viking festival of making and feasting. Forge your own knives, helmet, axe, shield and other Viking tools. All-inclusive price covers food, classes, and camping in luxury Viking-themed tents.

Fri 27-11-2020 6:00 pm - Sun 29-11-2020 5:00 pm

To see a strung bow bent is to see a once dead thing come to life. In this comprehensive weekend long workshop you will fashion a longbow of sustainable Australian hardwood and beautiful bamboo, custom crafted to your own specifications. You will learn the theory, science and art of turning dead timber into dynamic and fearsome longbows. You will also learn how to craft bowstrings, and if you don't already know - be introduced to the rewarding pursuit of shooting a longbow. You may also get the chance to craft some archer's accessories to enhance your archery experience.

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