One of the largest production knife makers in Australia

We've worked with a huge range of clients and made a massive amount of diverse cutlery. Oyster shuckers, machetes, steak knives, combat knives, cleavers, cheese knives, carving swords for roast meat, champagne openers, kitchen knives... you get the idea. We provide our clients with the expertise to develop and manufacture a product that meets both their requirements and their budget.

We do more than just make your cutlery

We help you develop the best possible product. We start by discussing your requirements and working with you to develop a design brief. After we've passed some drawings back-and-forth, we'll create a prototype and work with you to develop it into a production-ready state.
We can then produce your order as a once-off, as a limited run, or as an ongoing order.

Get in touch with us

We'll give you the advice you need to start turning your idea into a product you can sell. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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