John Price has come up with a clever addition to his excellent Radius Master linisher - a hollow grinding jig. Hollow grinding was previosly difficult on the due to your left hand hitting the motor when using the big wheel. There wasn't alot of room to move your hand to get the grind right. It is also difficult to get the grinds to match on both sides without a jig. The new jig makes hollow grinding very easy, accurate and with a great finish.

Installation takes about 15 minutes and involves un-bolting the motor from the stand, putting in the jig and re-attaching the motor. 4 screws!

Some hints:

  • Practice a bit on an old blank first, to get the feel of it.
  • You can grind either blade up or down, by adjusting the angle of the jig.
  • If going blade down, grind before you make a choil so the blade slides smoothly.
  • Most of the depth on 40 grit, then  move to a 180 then a trizac belt to finish. No need to hand rub.

It is really worth the investment if you like hollow grinds.

See John's website for more information on availability- Tell him you saw it here.

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