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Thank you for your interest in MV Krait commemorative items. We have passed all expressions of interest to the Australian War Memorial. If you missed out on the Expression of Interest, further information will be available from the Australian War Memorial in September 2018.

Forging a Viking Seax

All the knives that students make at Tharwa Valley Forge are made to be used, as well as to look good. The father and son who recently attended a custom one-day one-knife course had one of the more interesting uses in mind for their knives that we've seen for a while.

longpig1I have had a recent run of orders for large items, much larger than my 35cm long forge. So I built a longer 65cm version. I kept the diameter smaller so it would still only use one burner and keep the steel hot. I tried a different option tried with the back door that allows a future extension to be attached on later. It fired up nice and hot with not much effort. I think it will run at a similar pressure than the larger, shorter forge.

I tried a new idea for the handle - welding on some chain. It has a good feel when carrying the forge.

The forge has be affectionately dubbed "long pig" to go with the existing "little pig" and "fat pig".


Having some fun in the forge. Tools are handy in the workshop for all kinds of things.

We have been busy over the winter class break improving the forge, ready for the spring series of courses. This has been our biggest upgrade since opening the forge. It will allow some exciting new courses to be run, so keep an eye on the site.

Some highlights

  • 18kg Appalachian power hammer
  • Metal cutting bandsaw
  • New knifemaking forge
  • New damascus forge
  • New compact forge stand with 3m of rack space (full already with hammers and tongs)
  • Steel racks
  • Heaps more hammers and tongs
  • Swage block
  • Armorer stakes and tools


The Australian Knifemakers Guild aims to promote, preserve and develop the craft of knifemaking and all its various disciplines to the highest standard possible. Members regularly meet at knife shows to share ideas and inspiration on their latest creation.

Joining the guild is a great way to improve your skills and networks as a custom knifemaker. Probationary members must meet certain standards of fit and finish on their blades before being accepted as full members.

For more information see their website at

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