I bought the plans years ago from the Appalachian Blacksmith's Association to make my own power hammer. The parts slowly piled up as I found bits and pieces. Finally in July 2010 I stated construction. It was built over 12 days - a month of Sundays plus other days with lots of learning as I went.

I used a "Super Rusty" style, with inspiration from many other hammers on the web, but tried to keep it as simple as possible. Some statistics

  • The "anvil" weighs 140kg made from four 75 x 75mm solid bars 800mm long
  • The ram weighs 18kg with the dies, made from a 40 x 40mm solid bar
  • The initial dies are made from a cut up 10lbs sledge hammer head
  • Dies are bolt on and interchangeable
  • The leaf springs were "straightened" in my Hydraulic press
  • I use a 1hp motor going 1410 RPM
  • The pulleys are 2" and 14" which provide just over 200 hits per minute

It was retired in 2014 and rehomed at a forge by the sea. Still thumping strong.