I spend a lot of time re-handling knives that have not been looked after. The most common form of abuse is the dishwasher. The harsh chemicals, hot water and steam will crack a plastic or wooden handle over time. It also corrodes the rivets used in fixing the handle slabs on. So the time comes to re-handle. Some modern knives are not worth re-handling, but older carbon steel blades (that are difficult to find now) are always worth the effort. Expecially if they have some sentimental value. So in the following gallery are some step by step instructions on how to re-handle a full tang knife.

To look after you new handles - please no dishwashers, keep the handled oiled after use and when cleaning the blade do a "bachelor wash" by holding the blade under hot water, a quick wipe to clean, they dry the blade and handle and put straight away in your knife block or magnet. It should last another few generations if looked after.


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