• Beginning Knifemaking - What Equipment Do I Need?

    Blacksmithing tongs

    We run quite a lot of knifemaking courses at Tharwa Valley Forge, so it’s no surprise that we field a lot of questions from students about how to get into knifemaking at home.

    As with any creative pursuit, we meet a lot of people who delay getting into knifemaking because they are overwhelmed by options; at the other extreme we see quite a few people who rush out and buy a huge amount of expensive equipment but don’t have any idea how to use it.

  • Blade Grinding

    This one day intensive course is for people wanting to further develop their grinding skills. The course will be using the Radius Master 48" grinders and 48" Noob grinder. It will cover shaping and profiling, edge geometry, blade grinds - hollow, convex, flat, chisel and scandi, as well as heat treatment of carbon steels. We'll also look at finishing with belts.

  • Folding Knives

    The black art of folding knives. Creating a folding knife adds a level of complexity and precision to knife making. Learn about a few of the common mechanisms used locking and non locking folding knives before going onto making your own single blade slip joint folder.

  • One day one knife

    Introduction to making knives by stock removal. This one day workshop will help you get started into knifemaking. Knife design, grinding, heat treating, blade finishes, scale making and sharpening are all covered.

    We will show you techniques, tools and hints on how to get started making your own knives with minimal equipment, as you make your own knife today.

  • Tactical Knives

    The tactical knife is the ultimate survival tool in extreme conditions. This extensive weekend workshop will give you the opportunity not only to learn knifemaking skills, but to put them into practice making two tactical knives of your own. We will show you techniques, tools and hints on how to get started making your own knives.