Damascus Kitchen Knifemaking

This intensive three day weekend course immerses you in the world of Pattern Welded or Damascus steel and kitchen knives. You will learn techniques in welding, folding and patterning beautiful and unique steel. We'll be using a hydraulic power press, power hammer and rolling mill to make the welds and draw down the billets. You will then make two kitchen knives with the steel.

The course goes for a very full three days 8am until 5pm. It is a combination of the Introduction to Damascus and the Japanese Kitchen Knifemaking courses into one packed long weekend.

The first morning will focus on bulding a billets up at least 130 layers. After inital preparation of the 15 individual pieces of 1075 and 15N20 the first stack is tack welded together. It is then heated to 1100C before being forge welded in the Hydraulic Press. Over a few heats, the billet is drawn out before squaring under the Power hammer. The billet is then cooled and the surfaces ground clean before being cut into three pieces. These are then stacked and the process is repeated giving 45 layers. One more time through give us the 135 layers.

The billet is then drawn out to the correct size for forging the blades. Forging damascus is harder than forging normal steel. Hitting it below the correct temperature can delaminate the billet or create flaws. Care must be take to manipulate the steel in a bright red temperature.

The first afternoon covers the theory of making patterns and knife design.

The second morning we will forge the blade to shape and micropattern the surface which manipulates the layers.

Then we will work the blades to grind them to a finished shape and begin the heat treatment.

The last day will be final polishing the blade before acid etching then focus on constructing the handle. After a final polish the blades are sharpened.

You make two blades so you reinforce the lessons as we go. Our job is to guide, instruct and help you recover from any mistakes. This course requires no previous experience in knifemaking. Experience with tools will make things easier, but is not necessary.

You will enjoy it and have two amazing knives to show off and enjoy in your kitchen.

Cost includes: Tuition, insurance, materials, use of tools, workshop consumables, safety gear, morning and afternoon tea.
Need to bring: Lunch, appropriate clothing and covered footwear


Start Time 8:00 am
Fri 19-01-2024
Finish Time 5:00 pm
Sun 21-01-2024
Capacity 4
Registered 4
Available 0
Price $1,550
Location Tharwa Valley Forge

Venue Information - Tharwa Valley Forge

Tharwa Valley Forge is located at 11 Naas Road in Tharwa ACT. Parking is located next to the Forge in the signposted carpark. Fridge and microwave available for storing and reheating lunches.

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

Location Map

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