One of the biggest mysteries faced by amateur and professional knife-users alike is how to sharpen and care for their blades. A well-made knife is a long term investment that only realises dividends if you care for it properly.

Respected Razor Maker Dean Jard knows a thing-or-two about keeping edges razor sharp. Dean teaches an evening course that shows you the secrets of getting and maintaining a fine edge on different types of blades. In addition to sharpening every blade you bring with you (bring as many knives, scissors, axes, garden shears, etc as you like) you'll learn about proper blade care and storage to make sure your blades last at least a lifetime.

Never pay for knife sharpening again. This evening course teaches you the secrets of getting and maintaining a fine edge. Protect your investment in quality knives - proper care and maintenance ensures a lifetime of use. Using the correct equipment and techniques, you'll save time and money by keeping your edges sharp using minimal effort.

  • Beginner
  • Sharpening
  • One Evening
  • Age 16+

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